Restaurant Tour Cocooning et Gastronomie - Olivier Cormoreche
This dream setting is entirely dedicated to the well-being of visiting guests
Tour Cocooning et Gastronomie
Par Olivier Cormoreche

People come from Lyon and even further afield to experience the delights of this medieval village, blessed with one of the five best markets in France, and the cuisine of Olivier Cormoreche, a proud ambassador of Dombes-style hospitality. In a 14th century manor house with a half-timbered façade, his love for his local area is apparent both in the dishes that he serves and the deliciously comforting, refined guest-house style décor resulting from three generations of the family Cormoreche-Rassion. The chef, who trained with the best, such as Jean-Paul Lacombe and Georges Blanc, skilfully creates dishes that pay homage to traditional, local cuisine in that they are authentic and hearty, but do not lose any sense of sophistication. Enjoy Dombes farm-reared chicken, fillet of Dombes duck and a stunning vol-au-vent with sweetbreads in a cream sauce. For dessert, there are ‘œufs à la neige’ (floating islands), Grand Marnier soufflé and chocolate mousse. In sunny weather, the large terrace and hundred year-old trees will make you want to stay forever.


Adresse :
Place de la République 01400 Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne
Tel. : 04 74 55 05 12

Lunch menu from 42€ at 49€

- Monday lunch & dinner
- Sunday dinner

Wellington Stuffed Poultry

Sautéed Frog Fry As in Dombes, with Persimmed Beef Butter

Terrine of duck foie gras with bourbon vanilla berries, fig compote, warm gingerbread