The Toques Blanches Lyonnaises was born out of an informal fellowship founded in 1936. It later became a non-profit organization whose by-laws were adopted in 1978. A quality charter was drawn up stating the main obligations of the association’s members, all of whom are duty-bound to uphold the quality standards in Lyonnais cuisine and act as ambassadors for the culinary arts of our city, both in France and abroad.

The Aims of Our Association

– Safeguard the traditions of cuisine, culinary knowledge and skills handed down from one generation to the next, and our world-renowned art of hospitality.
– Make the most of our full range of regional produce.
– Promote education and training of future master chefs as future custodians of the reputation of Lyon culinary arts throughout the world.
The association is run by a board of trustees composed of 5-10 active members, with 3 new members appointed every year.