Restaurant Le Canut et les Gones - Franck Blanc
In the kitchen, the chef continues to amaze by expanding his team with sure values
Le Canut et les Gones
By Franck Blanc

Passionate and self-taught, Franck Blanc trained as a panel beater before changing profession and finding his vocation – to the delight of lovers of fine food! Whilst working for Pierre Orsi, he learnt about attention to details and having a taste for things done correctly. However, he has not forgone his love for beautiful objects. The dining area has the feel of an antiques shop and houses an impressive collection of mechanical clocks for a journey back in time. Supported in the kitchens by the talented Junzo Matsuno, he continuously updates his menu with dishes full of character. The freshness of the marinated sardine fillets, the melting pork shoulder and the sweetness of the iced hazelnut parfait are all delicious examples of this restaurant’s beautifully colourful dishes. With its vintage charm and contemporary creativity, this is a true example of fine dining in the Croix-Rousse!


29 rue de Belfort 69004 Lyon
Tel. : 04 78 29 17 23

Menu at €21,50 from tuesday at friday lunch
Menu of night at 32€
Menu at 27€ for saturday lunch

Fermeture :
- lundi déjeuner & dîner
- dimanche déjeuner & dîner

Magret de canard, jus à la confiture de coing, cromesquis de volaille et champignon noir au foie gras ; purée de potimarron à la réglisse, navet boule d’or, carotte jaune

Filet de lieu jaune, jus de crevette grise au safran bio d’Ardèche ; coulis de cresson, lentille blonde, chou pak choï, brocoli

Nougat glacé, mousse de framboise, fruits frais