Restaurant Le Restaurant - Frédéric Virte
A combination of know-how and experience that can be measured on the plate
Le Restaurant
By Frédéric Virte

With its ideal location between the station and Saint- Priest town centre, the cuisine in this simply named establishment receives the finest attention. Frédéric Virte has the advantage of being close by to producers and artisans and pays particular attention to the freshness of his ingredients. His menu is updated every three weeks in order to stay in line with seasonal produce. The chef happily lives by the mantra of ‘there is only really one true type of cooking – good cooking’. This simple conviction is apparent in his creative, traditional dishes. The vegetables and different types of mushroom are able to reveal all their texture and flavour and delightfully complement the fish and meat, as illustrated by the rabbit salad, pork cheek medallions and scorpion fish fillet. In addition, the dessert menu is as equally well considered as the wine list and the staff are welcoming and lively. ‘Le Restaurant’ is proving to be a sure bet.


9 bis avenue de la Gare 69800 Saint-Priest
Tel. : 04 78 21 14 43

Clerical menu at 23,80€
Chef Menu at 28,30€
Gourmet menu at 31,30€

Closing up
- Monday to Wednesday dinner
- Saturday and Sunday lunch & dinner

Risotto Gallo cooked like a paella

Pike-perch steak, asparagus, peas and black pudding gratons in vinegar

Cassolette of sea bream and scallops in a bouillabaisse style, melba bread and pot of rust