Restaurant Saisons Restaurant d'application - Davy Tissot  et Alain Lecossec
Traditions, modernity and talent collide under the watchful eye of the head teacher
Saisons Restaurant d'application
By Davy Tissot et Alain Lecossec

Davy Tissot, winner of the ‘Bocuse d’Or’ national final in September 2019, will have the huge honour of representing France at the next world ‘Bocuse d’Or’ in January 2021 to be held at ‘SIRHA’ (the world hospitality and food service event). While he is awaiting the outcome of this prestigious competition, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2004 award winner is focusing on another objective – that of gaining the first Michelin star for the gastronomic restaurant at the ‘Institut Bocuse’, after his success at being awarded a star the ‘Terrasses de Lyon’ (La Villa Florentine). In order to meet this challenge, this ‘chef of chefs’ can count on the motivation of his young team to master cooking a side of roasted wild Sologne duck or white scallops sautéed in semi-salted butter. What more incentive is needed to make the (short) journey to this small gourmet paradise nestled in the heart of the Château du Vivier, a magnificent 19th century building with a terrace looking out over the tree-filled estate. French-style ’art de vivre’ at its very best!


Château du Vivier 1A chemin de Calabert 69130 Ecully
Tel. : 04 28 31 70 44

"Sharing styles..." menus at 45€
Menu "Noblesse du temps..." at 69€
"Alchemy of the senses..." menu at 78€

- Saturday lunch & dinner
- Sunday lunch & dinner

Can of Challans slowly roasted in the oven, pumpkin cream, tortellini of candied thighs, Bordeaux style juice

Poitou pigeon cooked in a casserole dish, Dumplings tartlet with earth pear, Juice with brandy