Toques Blanches Lyonnaises Chiefs fall in love...

Toques Blanches Lyonnaises chefs fall in love this Valentine’s Day…

They invite you to come and taste their refined dishes for a moment of pure gourmet pleasure…

Discover their menus now!


M Restaurant – Chef Julien Gautier

67 € per person

Creamy watercress soup, fine veal quenelle – Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs


Scallops and prawns in tartar – Cauliflower and lemon


Roasted lean back, artichoke pepper with herbs and bacon, artichoke mousseline and chicken juice


Half roast roast pigeon, candied leg, large stuffed mushroom and pigeon mushroom juice


Creamy milk and dark chocolate cream, mango and passion fruit


Restaurant Allardon – Chef Christophe ALLARDON




















Chez Paul’O Restaurant – Chef Benoit TOUSSAINT


























Restaurant l’Ame Soeur – Chef Olivier PAGET























La Mère Brazier – Chef Mathieu VIANNAY


Prawns Carabineros and Sea Urchins in Caviar Jelly

Scallops, Potato Swim, Trout Eggs and Chives

Halibut Conté with Truffle, Beef Broth with Condiments

Bresse chicken, Albufera Sauce

Ripened Cheeses

Pomelo, Blood Orange and Peanuts pre-serve

Apple with Hibiscus Flower, Pink Praline and Poppy Whipped cream

La Toscane – Chef Fabrice Garabedian