Our member chefs

Currently heading up the Toques Blanches Lyonnaises is Christophe Marguin, President, re-elected in 2015, having served for two previous terms from 2006 to 2009 and 2009 to 2012, with the assistance of Joseph Viola (Treasurer) and Olivier Degand (Secretary). Their role is to cultivate the bonds of friendship and affinity among our chefs, and through membership fees, contribute to events aimed at promoting our city’s cuisine.

Our Association boasts many of the big names in the culinary arts in Lyon and the surrounding area. On the wings of the iconic Paul Bocuse, we have Anne-Sophie Pic from Valence, the only triple Michelin-starred female chef, or Frédéric Blanc in Vonnas, who took over from his father Georges. Our star-studded line-up also features Mathieu Viannay (la Mère Brazier), Guy Lassausaie, Stéphane Buron (le Chabichou) and Christophe Roure (le Neuvième Art), all holders of two Michelin stars awarded by the prestigious Red Guide. Many other renowned chefs, caterers and pastry chefs have had a hand in promoting the prestige of the Toques Blanches, such as Pierre Orsi, Jean-Paul Pignol, Philippe Bernachon, Jean-Paul Lacombe and Christian Têtedoie.

Aspiring members of the Toques Blanches must have a solid track record in culinary arts, be sponsored by two other members, be owners or head chefs in their establishments and hold the title of Master Restaurateur. They must honour their commitments, including food traceability and participation in events. These requirements, although strict, are indispensable to safeguarding our reputation and continued success.